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The owners of InnovativeAir have served the communities of Utah with quality technology services since 2001.  
Our advantage is in our very own wireless infrastructure built from the ground up.  We use Carrier-Grade Microwave and commercial fiber to provide super-low latency, ultra- fast speeds, and superb reliability.  InnovativeAir is leading the way with faster, more reliable internet creating exciting bundled services. Whether you are a consumer looking for a solid provider or a business searching for those hard to find features at a great price, InnovativeAir is your final destination.

The following people are dedicated to providing quality service for your home and business:

Justin Burt
CEO/Principal Owner
Justin has been a successful small business owner for 30 years in the Salt Lake and Utah Counties, directing employees in demanding environments.  After working with computers shortly after walking (Thanks Dad!), and then Networking & RF Engineering while building another succesful WISP using the latest technologies, there was no hesitation with continuing work in an exciting, ever changing industry that has some of the best people to work with and provide for. 

InnovativeAir is affiliated with the following companies:

    What Customers Say

    "Since they started, InnovativeAir has been a very reliable Internet Service Provider. - Stewart Grow
    StorageCraft Technology Corporation



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