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"Since they started, InnovativeAir has been a very reliable Internet Service Provider.  They got us up and running within days (not weeks like the other providers) and their local support is top notch.  Our connection is extremely fast and reliable.  As we’ve grown, they’ve had no problem keeping up with our growing bandwidth demands.  We highly recommend them to all businesses both large and small."

Stewart Grow, StorageCraft Technology Corporation

"Innovative Air’s digital phone service is top of the line.  They have provided our company with a completely customized service and at a lower cost than their competitors.  Innovative Air excels at customer service and are always quick to respond with courteous and knowledgeable professionals."

Shannon Patch, Raba Kistner Infrastructure

"InnovativeAir has given us the best service an ISP could provide. Quick, fast and accurate, they do what they say and for an incredible rate.  We recommend them to businesses we work with in our industry. They deliver what they promise and the service is impeccable.  They are reliable and very easy to work with. As our company has grown, our need for bandwidth has grown along with it, and they have continually worked with our needs.  I would recommend them to any business in need of a rock-solid connection."

John Farmer
American Musicians Radio, LLC.

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    "Since they started, InnovativeAir has been a very reliable Internet Service Provider. - Stewart Grow
    StorageCraft Technology Corporation



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